Welcome to WhoLAB!

We are a mastermind groups whose mission is support the basic principal “Think And Grow Rich” and “The coordination of knowledge and effort of a group of people who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”


shutterstock_161084999WhoLAB stands for Whoville (where we meet) Leadership Advisory Board.  We are a group of entrepreneurial women who support each other promoting our businesses.  The group was founded by Expert Career Coach, Denise Brosseau,  Adward-winning Marketer Lee Richter, and Cloud Strategist Jamie Lin.  Denise is our fearless leader, ensuring that we stay on track.


Location: Whoville is located at the SW corner of 45th and Holden in Emeryville.  You will see a sign for the easiest entrance at that corner.  The address is 4300 Horton #15, Emeryville, CA 94608.  This entrance is at the end of the block from the other entrance.


Our meeting schedule is as follows:

Feb 3rd 3-6 pm

March 15th 3-6

April 20 3-6

May 11 3-6


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