What is the new role of the CIO as businesses move to the Cloud?


CIOs have typically defined the strategy and ensured that all technology is working properly so that everyone else can do their work effectively.  Companies are now moving to the cloud in hopes of reducing IT costs.  What is the role of the new CIO?

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There are a lot of different definitions of moving to the cloud.   In some cases it can be a simple moving your custom applications from on premise data centers to off premise data centers.  In other cases complete custom applications are being replaced with SaaS applications.  When companies offload some of these costs can they eliminate the CIO role?  I think the role changes but you will still need a CIO.

pdf1pageThe new IT organization will need less deep technical skill sets in both the hardware component and the developers.  The CIO will need resources to help manage the flow of requests to the vendors.  There will be less expensive resources that can program and configure platforms to meet users needs.  Change management will be a key part of pushing organizations to the cloud.  Small organizations can look for a part time CIO or outsource to a Cloud Strategist.


What is the role of your CIO?



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