What does Microsoft’s change in strategy mean for the average small business?



Microsoft has been slow to adopt to a cloud strategy for its email and office suite.  After seeing double digit percentage declines during the first two quarters of this year, things are changing.   This is GREAT news for those SMBs who have been hesitant to migrate to Google.



Web Mail and productivity suites  – Office 365 has gotten some clarity on its pricing for business.  For web email and office online the costs are $60 per user per year.  This matches Google’s pricing.  If you really need the office suite on your PC or Mac then you get the web mail , office online and office, downloaded to 5 machines for $150 per user per year.  You can mix and match pricing plans and both have 1TB of storage.  With Office 365 SMBs don’t need to worry about the costs and IT expertise to manage equipment to use their beloved Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.



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Free Mobile Apps –  Word, Excel, Powerpoint are free to download on the iPhone, iPad and Android device.  This is huge since users had pay around $70 for the least expensive download.  With over 1 billion worldwide Office customers, there is a huge user base that will be thrilled to go mobile. Business can now use their office suite on the go in a cost effective manner.


Office Mobile’s Dropbox integration- You can now open, edit and save documents in Dropbox using the Office app.  This is available on iOS and Android.  You will see this integration on the Office Online and Dropbox in the first half of 2015.


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The bottom line – another win for small business!





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