Cloud-ComputI spent the week evaluating very specific CRMs.  Our main requirement was that we wanted a Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture.  In other words we didn’t not want to buy a server, install the software and roll it out to all the desktops.  I see some crazy solutions from software providers who say they are in the “cloud”.  If you are looking at SaaS solutions for your company here are some things to consider:


  • Servers- People have gotten tired of maintaining their own servers.  You need to worry about the operating systems being up to date, a database administrator keeping things working and security.  Not too mention what is your disaster recover plan?  Some companies will host your backend but still have a client application on your computer.  Beware this is not really a true SaaS product.  See my next point.
  • Client Applications -You want to run your applications off of a browser.  You do not want any applications setting on your desktops.  This will require you to periodically upgrade the application on your desktop.  Most software services make upgrades at least once a month.  You don’t need the headache of rolling these upgrades out to your users monthly.  You will also need to worry if the client applications are compatible with a PC and a Mac!
  • Access Anywhere – The main goal of a software application is to be able to access it when your work needs to get done.  So if your laptop accidently gets coffee all over it then you can jump on to another computer and finish your work.  If you have a true SaaS product that works on a browser you will be able to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind certain apps work better in certain browsers.  If you can’t get an application to work in one browser try another one.  Also, try to keep your browser updated.  In theory developers work with the most popular browsers.  Below is a graph of browser market share as of 2014 per Global Stat Counter




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Question:What is your experience with your SaaS tools?


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