Three Basic Applications to Kick Off Your Business

What key applications do you need to start your business?  I get this question all the time. Keep in mind I work with mostly professional services type organizations so this advice is geared towards that audience.


Web Mail : There are two products to choose from for web mail; Google For Work and Office 365. Both can offer you email with an office suite in the cloud for around $60 per user, per year. If you need a desktop version of the office it is $99 per year. Email is usually the most important application for new businesses.

office 365

Accounting Applications: There are three great accounting apps that I see new businesses loving. QuickBooks Online (QBO), Freshbooks and Xero. QBO has a new look and is much easier to use than in the past. It also integrates with more CRMs out there than most. Freshbooks is simple and clean. Xero is also a nice application. The cost ranges from $9 per month to $40 per month. Even the smallest business needs to track it’s finances.


Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM):  Lots of businesses run their business via excel spreadsheets. A simple CRM tool will help track new clients and manage existing client projects. It will also allow you to share information within your organization. My favorite SMB CRM is Insightly. It integrates with both Google Docs and One Drive, and recently it also added integration into QBO. It will cost you $27 per month for 3 users or get started with the free version. Manage your clients, emails, projects and accounting all in one place!


Question: Do you need help moving your business to the cloud?

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