Tech Trends you can’t afford to ignore for 2015

The new year is upon us and it is time to look at trends for 2015!  The top two trends will require a significant amount of change management in an organization so we will focus on that.


WebMail – This year you will see more companies moving to webmail than ever before.  Google for Work and Office 365 will be competing hard for your business. Both Google for Work and Office 365 are excellent products but have different pros and cons.  You should evaluate the best product for your company. There are three key reasons to prompt a company to move to webmail:

google v. microsoft

  • Outdated equipment will force companies to migrate off of old exchange servers and reevaluate the high cost of upgrading on-premise servers v. moving to more cost effective cloud solutions.
  • Document storage moved to the cloud make accessing any document off any device much easier.  No more storing documents on a shared internal drive.  Both Google Drive and One Drive offer great personal and company document storage. It will be interesting to see how the partnership of Office 365 and Dropbox evolves.
  • Increased productivity through collaboration.  Hangouts and Lync can drive huge productivity improvements.  IM allows you to move from chat to voice to video chat and finally, screen sharing using a natural workflow.  It can save hours in solving problems that just need a quick answer.  Document collaboration also improves productivity.  It is much faster for different people to update one document in real time, versus passing around different versions of the same document.


Costs of webmail includes not only the annual fees ($50-$150 per user per year) but migration and implementation fees. When was the last time that you did a major mail technology upgrade?  It was probably at least 5 years ago.  Migration and implementation costs can be amortized over an average of 7 years.

Think of webmail as the plumbing on your cloud strategy.  



Big Data –  We continue to capture more data points than any time in history.  Companies will need to figure out how to make key business decisions from more accurate information.


 Business Intelligence



First determine which metrics you want to capture.

  • How effective is your marketing?
  • Customer satisfaction?
  • Revenue streams based on product, geography or sales person?
  • Gross margin or net margin?
  • Project information?
  • HR information?


What are all of your different data sources?:

  • Social media
  • Google analytics
  • CRM
  • Accounting systems
  • Other marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp, Hubspot
  • HR information from payroll or even your mail applications.

Other considerations:

  • Frequency of data – real time, weekly or monthly?
  • Which data sources do you want to compare?
  • Stick with the SaaS products. Remember you are implementing a cloud strategy.


Business intelligence tools that help report and visualize are in a competitive space.  Products will become easier to use and should drop in price over the next year.  Current costs range from $12k -$50k per year.  Implementation costs vary depending on the learning curve of your staff. At Gizmo Global we can help you evaluate the tools your company will need to implement to stay competitive and grow.  Let us help you make the move now before you experience data loss or your outdated servers and equipment forces you to.



Question: What do you think will be technology trends in 2015?



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