Share, Brainstorm, Collaborate, Act – How Does Your Company Work?

Be more productive and organized with your co-workers by creating and editing documents online in real time.  Both Google for Work and MS Office 365 offer online documents when you sign up for their email solutions.  These include word, spreadsheet and presentation tools.  You can access and update documents from any browser or mobile device.  What a relief to be able to get to your information – no matter where you are!


Share your ideas


Ensure that sharing rights are set properly on your document.  You can share via a user’s email which will require the person to log in before they can update.  This is a more secure method and creates a clear audit trail of any changes to the document.  It will also send emails to collaborators on updates and comments.  It is also possible to share with anyone who has a link, without their having to log in. This is the same as sending an attachment in an email.  This method is less secure but easier to manage.


Below are three different reasons for using documents online to improve productivity.


Gather information from across the organization in a central location –  It is simple to create a spreadsheet to track project issues that everyone can see real time.  Do you have a list of questions to give to a vendor that requires information from different departments?  Put them in an online doc so everyone can see and address questions all in one place.  Create weekly status reports with input from across the organization.   Everyone can see updates in real time.


Insert links to create rich informative documents – Keep a summary of all the resumes you received for a job posting on a spreadsheet.  If you upload the resumes to the drive you can add links to the resumes within the spreadsheet.  Then share this spreadsheet with others on the team.  This gives the team a concise summary page and visibility to the supporting resumes – no more digging through multiple documents!


Capture feedback from other stakeholdersClients can ask questions or write comments on proposals within the document.  Responses to those comments can be made in the same document.  You can eliminate the time lost in back and forth emails to create the final document.


By using the right tools you can connect team members, clients and leaders whether they in the same office or in different countries.  Making collaboration easier allows you to boost productivity across your team!



Question: What is your best example of using technology for collaboration in your company?



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