Selecting the right SaaS product for your company!

The cloud is the place to be right now.  Purchasing the right SaaS product (Software as a Service or cloud application) can be overwhelming.  It can also be expensive waste of time and resources if you select the wrong product.  Here are some basic guidelines.


Have the right requirements.   This one is obvious but be clear on what problem are you trying to solve with a new SaaS product?  Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with the technology and forget about the big picture.


Does this integrate well with your other applications?  Look for SaaS products that promotes integration with other products.  No SaaS provider can do it all.  You want your CRM to work tightly with your email.  It might be important to have your CRM connect with your accounting system.  Make sure they can work together!


Company culture should be considered.  Does your company have a strong opinion for or against a company?  Do they love or hate Google/ Microsoft no matter how well the product works or meets company needs?  This can have a big impact on user adoption.  Consider how to manage these opinions in your change management messaging.


Strong executive support is essential.  Any SaaS project should be part of overall strategy.  Executives should communicate and practice that overall vision.  Lack of strong support can be the quickest route to failure.  After all if your boss assigns your work in a new tools you will learn how to use it!


Look for SaaS products used in your or similar industries.  Pay attention to what applications your competitors are using.  Certain SaaS products specialize in certain industries. This may help you narrow down the list of products that you consider.  There are several niche players but make sure they are well funded!!



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Question: Do you have recommendations on purchasing SaaS products?


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