IoT soft overview

ITO (Inception Transport Optimizer)



IoT is the “Revolution of the Cheap”

Far more devices accessing the Internet than what computer/smartphone revolution brought will be a massive challenge for data transport. Costs will skyrocket as the IoT world grows and attention is paid to security. Our IoT specific secured transport may be right for your devices, sensors, or other hardware products. Do you wish for…

  • Scale in the billions of sessions without public cloud service or server hardware skyrocketing?
  • Full end-to-end encryption of all data with authentication?
  • Works with any device which can access the internet without additional resources?
  • Tremendous durability and redundancy even in noisy, wireless, environments?
  • Centralized control, monitoring, and support of all devices?
  • Secured working shelf-life of software/firmware for 5 or more years (no expiring certificates?
  • Works with all 23 IoT standards (as of mid 2016) as it is just the transportation portion affected.
  • Ease of implementation by adding our transport code to your existing client software


Clients interested in this solution are typically in the IoT, security, or electronic appliance industry. If you want to learn more, inquire directly.

If you have an IoT environment that wants to avoid the poor performance or security issues of current offerings and standards, take our purpose built engine and integrate it with your existing environment. You can use your own servers or a cloud-hosted architecture.



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