Is Business Intelligence right for you?

Is your company ready for business intelligence?  The goal of BI is to bring data from disparate applications and visualize that information on a dashboard.  This allows management to make effective decisions from important information displayed on a single screen.  This information is dynamic so the dashboard can be monitored as data changes.


Business Intelliegence



How do you choose?  BI is a hot space right now.  There are lots of players with a broad range of pricing.  Start with the Gartner’s magic quadrant to start evaluating what tool fits best with your company.  Ensure that the BI options fits with your overall strategy:

  • Users – who will be creating dashboards?  The data modeling on some products can be complex so you may need to get a developer involved.  The goal of a BI tools is to have an analyst create the reports.
  • Training – how easy is the tool use?  Most companies have 2-4 day bootcamps for training.  It speaks to the complexity of learning the BI tools.
  • Cloud vs client server – the BI players are just now moving to the cloud.  Is that a priority to have a cloud version?  Are they capable of providing  true cloud support that will meet your up time?
  • Basic vs complex  – do you need to add more calculations or are your data compares straight forward?
  • Implementation track record – implementation takes both parties to participate.  As always make sure your requirements are clear.  Check with references to find out about their implementation experience.


Watch out for the game changers!  SalesForce has leaked that the big announcement this year at Dreamforce will be their own BI tool.  This will be a big game changer since most existing tools have an API into SalesForce.  SalesForce also has broad user base and since this product will likely be cost effective to include their SF relationship you can expect high user adoption.

If you’re interested in getting more details on how to evaluate your BI options click here to schedule your complimentary Cloud strategy session with me to explore that and to find out what you can do to have a results breakthrough. I have a limited number of appointments available and request that only people who are serious about dramatically increasing their results schedule a time to talk.


Question: Do you have recommendations on evaluating BI products?


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