Help Is Here! Working Offline With Google Apps

As a rule there is plenty of access to the internet so you don’t typically need Google Apps Offline. On the occasion that you need to finish that doc or spreadsheet with limited or no internet access try Google Drive Offline.



Here are some tips to get you up and going with Google Drive.


Ensure that the domain is enabled for offline access:

  • Sign in as the administrator. Click Apps > Google Apps > Drive
  •  Check Allow users to enable offline docs and
  • Allow users to download install and use Google Drive for Mac/ PC.
  • Click Save Changes.

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There are two options for using Google Apps Offline:


1. Chrome browser for mail, calendar and documents. I have limited success with Chrome browser. The browser has to be up and your applications should be up in the tabs before you go to offline.  I recommend using the email and calendar apps on your phone or tablet instead of the browser.


2. Google Drive for documents works much better! To use documents download drive. This download will sync documents between your cloud storage and your computer. When you are offline you can select the document. It will appear in the Chrome browser to edit. Changes to the document will sync with your cloud when you reconnect.

  • Only have one person sign into Drive per computer. It does not work with multiple accounts
  • Keep in mind that you will not have the same complete functionality as you do online. For instance, you cannot collaborate with other users while offline.

Check out Google Apps for the mobile devices as well. They work well if you want to travel light with your tablet!


Understanding how Google Apps works in important to keep you team working efficiently. If you need help with Google Apps in your organization contact Gizmo Global.


Question: How do you maximize your team’s ability to collaborate?


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