5 Tips To Get More out of Google Calendar

Arguably, Google Calendar is the best application in Google apps.  I often find that clients on MS Outlook have a side Google Calendar to collaborate and share calendars for conference rooms, projects or company calendars.


Here are 5 tips to get more out of your Google Calendar


1)  Add the calendar event from your email.




2)  You can RSVP to an event from your right in your email.  When people invite you to events using Google calendar, these events will added automatically.




3)  Include the address in the where field type.  Google automatically brings up suggested places.  This is very helpful because Google Now  on your android phone will remind you when to leave for the event using Google maps and calculating traffic.




4)  Set up an email reminder for those really important meetings.



5)  Add or remove video calls.  Google has upgraded hangouts so this means when you send out an invite by default it adds a video call.  You can ask your administrator to set the default to add a video call.  In reality most of your events aren’t done via video call so it doesn’t make sense to have to remove the video call on every event.




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Question: What are your best tips for Google Calendar?


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