Cloud storage is not static, it’s interactive and collaborative

The document storage wars are in full force and getting cheaper all the time.  Cloud space is changing quickly.

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It is an investment of time and resources  to create business processes on how you will store, access and collaborate using documents. However it is also an important investment in the future of your company. There are choices to be made and for your unique needs it is worth the time to note the differences between the top services.


When we evaluate the needs of our clients we start by asking some basic questions.

  • What types of documents are you storing.  Are they large documents?
  • Do you want to make updates to documents on a phone or pad?
  • Do you want it to sync to all devices?
  • What ecosystem do you use; Outlook, Office 365 or Google for Work?  If you use Apple mail stick to the icloud ecosystem.
  • How do you collaborate with other users?  Are they within your domain or outside or your organization?
  • How easy does it need to be to share documents with others?  Do you want to track their changes?

Once you have an idea of your requirements, here’s a snapshot of a few of the top services.


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Question:  What fit’s your business needs the most? What does your company store documents?



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