Boost Your Bottom Line With a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Do you have a product or service that would benefit people – if they just knew about it?   There are many options open to you to get the word out.  You’ve most likely considered a newsletter or email campaign – after all you’ve been diligently gathering email addresses from your website, social media platforms and networking events.  You need to focus on what to do next.


Here are some other great stats on why you should have an email campaign as part of your marketing strategy: Most SMBs get 18%-22% open rate with clients that they know.  These are targeted qualified clients that want to know more about your business.  The purpose of email campaigns is to build on these relationships.

  • 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week. (ChoozOn)
  • 92% of online adults use email, with 61% using it on an average day. Those who were most likely to use email on a daily basis were those with a college degree or an income of <$75,000. (Pew Research)
  • One survey found that 90% of business people use email as much, or more than they did last year. (Osterman Research)

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Find and configure a great email marketing solution –  There are numerous email solutions such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.  These tools help you personalize the message, create a mail template and add footers with your social media links.  The templates are good for both laptop and mobile screens.   You can segment your subscribers for different messages. Finally, these applications allow subscribers to unsubscribe.


Create your subscriber list – Always keep all of your subscribers in your CRM.  There are three places that you will get subscribers:

  • Website – your CRM will have a web to contact form that you can add to your website.  It should gather first and last name and email.  The completed form will then update contacts in your CRM.
  • Networking  – when you are out meeting new people and gathering business card make sure to add them to your CRM. Business Cards can be uploaded to your contacts via a mobile app like ScanBizCards.
  • Emails are always easily added to your CRM.

Once all of your new contacts are in your CRM, filter new contacts added in the last month and send them to your email marketing solution.


Create a great message– Give great information that your clients can use.  Don’t forget to add your logo.  Create a catchy title to improve the chances of your email getting opened.  Ensure that you have interesting graphics.  Finally, be clear on what you would like the reader to do next.


Study your result-  Know your objectives when you design. Run A/B tests.  Test different designs, landing pages, and offers.  Review the advanced analytics such as open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate.  Analytics will also help you determine the best time to send.


Using an email marketing application is a cost effective method to get your message out to your most valued customers.  



Question: What are your teams’ email marketing best practices?



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