Best Tech Gifts for the Season

It is the season to think about shopping for the best tech gifts. 2014 has not been a stellar year for new tech ideas.  But here are three ideas that can get you thinking.


Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – This has been a game changer for Apple.  The growth has been so big that you can’t get an appointment at the Genius Bar without first going through a phone call to troubleshoot your issue.  When I talk to the employees at Apple, they say they have been buried by the iPhone 6 and 6 plus sales.


As predicted people are not using their iPads as much now that iPhone screens are bigger. Techcrunch released this graphic in November.  It begs the question “Do you need an iPad if you have an iPhone 6 Plus?”

 correct techcrunch graphic


Media Streamers – Are you ready to put media streaming services at your fingertips like Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Vudu and Pandora?  You can get tons of devices now on your Blue Ray DVD player to the smart TVs like Samsung that stream media. Here are three of my favorite devices that will plug into your existing entertainment system via HDMI;



Roku 3 is a favorite as they have a long history in media streaming.   It works with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more.


Amazon Fire TV has a voice search command that actually works.  If you have Amazon Prime you get their older video selection for free plus their new content.  It also supports Netflix, Hulu and other services.


Apple TV for the Apple lovers of the world.  You can bring buy content from iTunes.  It also works with Netflix and Hulu.


There is lots of content for less than cable and these devices can bring it to you for $99 or less.


Wearable technology – My advice is to wait at least 3 months.  To buy now is too early.  The Apple iwatch is expected to be released early 2015.  I am sure that they will impact design and functionality.  The current watches are heavy and have a short battery life.


For fitness fanatics the wearable technology is better than ever.  The biggest improvement is now heart rate monitoring from your wrist.  The new Tom Tom multisport monitors your heart while running (treadmill or outside), swimming and biking.


You can have more statistics about your training than ever before!


Question: What are your thoughts on wearable technology?



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