Jamie Lin

Jamie Lin’s passion for using IT to improve business processes was ignited by her first job.  She began her career in 1988 as an internal auditor in Electronic Data Processing working for Texas Instruments.  Fresh out of college Oklahoma University with an Accounting degree, she quickly learned the value of optimizing business processes. She has been a visionary IT professional ever since.


Jamie is always drawn to new tools that make business run better.  Her career developed while working in the exploding growth environment of mobile phones at Verizon.  She figured out how evaluate optimal activation and  billing systems and track customer information to the call centers. In 1999 she evaluated cloud based CRM SalesForce for Nextel and knew the cloud was the next big improvement.


In 2001 she moved over to the finance industry and started to evaluate and develop software for  hedge funds.  These applications included  investment ideas tools, risk tracking applications, trading systems and key performance indicator reports.  She has been deploying custom cloud applications in the finance industry since 2010.


She was one of the early adopters of Google apps in 2007 and has be evangelist of cloud email ever since.  She looks at all the cloud tools such as email, CRM, accounting,  and customized tools to ensure they integrate smoothly.
Before launching her consulting firm, Jamie held audit and IT leadership positions for Verizon Wireless, Lightbridge and Nextel.   Her visionary perspective has made her an early proponent of advanced technology. Today she focuses on delivering the benefits of Cloud solutions, Google applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to client companies.


Team Members

Developers:  Our developers are recruited for our clients.  The hedge fund space has very specific requirements to understand their environment.  We look for people that have deep experience in  Net, SQL and most of our developers have a math background with financial industry experience.


Mail Migration Team: The mail migration team has lots of experience in migrating from different platforms to either Google Apps or Office 365.  Their experience  in migrating from the old email platforms to the cloud solutions makes them experts in troubleshooting and ensuring smooth migrations.


Project Managers :  Our project managers  have been working in the SaaS models for years.  They have a deep understanding of transitioning from a client service architecture to the cloud environment.
Trainers:  Our trainers are keenly aware that transition is hard for some people.  They focus on change management and the steps necessary to get your team through a new process.



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