About Us

We are a boutique IT firm that has served small and mid-sized businesses since 2001. We typically work with Chief Operating Officers or IT Directors from companies in the financial securities, retail and services industries.  Custom development, Customer Relationship Management systems and Business Intelligence tools for hedge funds is one of our specialties.


We move clients from spreadsheets to databases and fixed IT infrastructure to the Cloud.  We untangle and improve makeshift email-based CRM processes. We implement web-front ends to make information access and collaboration easier.  Our projects run for about two-months on average and range from quick installations to 18-month custom engagements.


Founder, Jamie Lin believes IT tools should make businesses run better. That’s why Gizmo Global provides a mix of Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) Advisory Services,  Google applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.  Our process improvement focus and adoption approach helps organization rapidly capture the cost, efficiency, collaboration and scalability benefits of tools that can be accessed from any browser.  We make the investment pay off.


How We Work


Jamie Lin is a hands-on IT business partner.  She takes a methodical, process-centered approach to requirements gathering and strategy development. She conducts a thorough analysis to evaluate and recommend applications. Jamie and her team handle all implementation, integration and software development, marshaling other expert resources only where needed to keep your costs down. From start to finish, Gizmo Global brings decades of experience to identifying and customizing Cloud solutions to make your business run better.   (more) Jumps to Our Approach


Our Approach

We follow a methodical five-step process to recommend and deliver solutions that are right for your business or just install a simple tool that you select.

  • Gather Requirements
  • Formulate Strategy
  • Customize and Improve Processes
  • Migrate and Implement
  • Drive Adoption


1. Gather Requirements

We listen and ask questions that teach us how your business works.  We document process flows, looking for opportunities to optimize.  We talk about your goals and what’s in the way. We look ahead to anticipate what will give you a competitive edge.  We seek to understand how IT can serve as an enabler and catalyst.

2. Formulate Strategy

We review current applications and identify performance gaps. We map requirements and assess commercial Cloud solutions.  We identify where customization can add value.  We clarify how all of your applications can work better together. We sit down and compare options with a focus on immediate needs and a vision for the future. We make recommendations and provide a project plan, timeline and budget for implementation.

3. Customize and Improve Processes

We review recommendations for process automation that will make your business run better.  We identify where customization to move data from unruly spreadsheets or improve process flows makes sense.  We create exception reports to ensure data accuracy. We scope the customization requirements and determine how to staff this aspect of the project.

4. Migrate and Implement

We schedule the install and follow a well-documented plan that can include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation, and importing. We tick and tie data meticulously. If needed, we will help you integrate new tools with other business critical systems such as ERP applications, financial software, marketing automation software or call center software.

5. Drive Adoption

We distinguish ourselves and help clients harness the benefits of new tools quickly through our change management approach.  We combine user acceptance testing, training, help lines, management dashboards, communication and other change best practices to help users move past the frustration of learning new ways to work and embrace the rewards.


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