5 Important Reasons to Move to the Cloud

At Gizmo Global we see different reasons why people are moving to the cloud. Some companies don’t have clarity on why their business should move to the cloud. There is lots of discussion on saving money by using shared services but why would you move your company’s data to the cloud?

Cloud solutions

1.  Drive cost efficiencies through collaboration – This is probably the biggest reason to move to the cloud. You want your employees and partners to be able to collaborate with you easily. This could mean using seamless tools that allow you to go from IM to voice to video chat to screen share. You may want to update one document at once without sending numerous emails. Both Google Apps and Office 365 are great solutions to enable this productivity. Easy collaboration can create awesome cost improvements!


2.  Enable the mobile workforce – More users are accessing data through more devices than ever before. You want your workforce to be able to get information from any device, anywhere, to increase their productivity.


3.  Leverage data to make better executive decisions – Moving your data to the cloud allows you to make your data easily available. This allows you to view data from different systems in one location. For example with the Insightly CRM, you can see your client’s information in one place including: documents (Box, Google Drive, O365 or Dropbox), notes from Evernote, accounting information from Quickbooks Online and their social media updates. A 360 view of client interactions help drive better decisions!

CRM4.  Improved alignment with clients and partners – Your clients and partners want transparency in the data from your company. A client may want to go back and review a trouble ticket or billing or some other type of interaction they had with you. If your data is already stored in the cloud it is easier to provide that accessibility to your client or partner. Improve client satisfaction with easy access to their information!


5.  Aging infrastructure – This is probably the biggest reason companies are moving to the cloud. Companies don’t want to buy a new server or upgrade that Exchange 2007. It is a good time to evaluate your options of moving to the cloud when you need to buy hardware or new software. Plan your move to the cloud instead of making another capital investment.


Once you move from an on-premise solution to the cloud, you will change your cost structure. Evaluate the costs over 5 years by comparing SaaS costs to the traditional capital costs, and consider the other benefits noted above. It is challenging to put hard numbers around increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Consider both when you are making your decision.


If you are thinking about moving to the cloud but are not sure how to compare the costs and benefits, contact Jamie at Gizmo Global to help you do an analysis for your company.


Question: Does your CIO have a clear vision of your cloud strategy?


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