3 Things I learned at DreamForce

DreamForce 2014 was crazy!  With 145K participants and the Giants games, San Francisco was buzzing.  As always, it was informational, inspirational and interesting to check out the latest software trends.






Here are my three take aways:

  • Microsoft is back in the game.  It has been painful to be a fan of Microsoft with their lack of vision.  Tony Prophet was very clear that they are focused on mobile and the cloud.  That is great news and you are starting to see some of that work in the Office 365 offering.  There is also some awesome integration coming with SalesForce!
  • Sharing Economy is growing!  A panel of four entrepreneurs and Linked In discussed what they are seeing in the sharing economy.  Most are working with government regulators to support a sharing economy infrastructure change.  Linked In said they are noticing an increase in project postings.  Expect this sector to grow huge.
  • SalesForce’s Business Intelligence application called Wave is way cool.  Wave uses gaming technology to display the graphs and charts.  It’s search is based with data stored in a schema-less fashion.  This means you can change your analysis and it is displayed quickly. A very impressive technological feat!

I am always impressed by Marc’s ability to give back to the community.  This year he did not disappoint.  Hillary was inspirational with her project of educating parents to read, sing and speak with their babies.  The partnership between Marc and Unified School District of San Francisco to teach middle schoolers to use technology was heart warming.


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Question:   What did you take away from DreamForce?


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